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Switzerland's complete cinema programme, from Aarau to Zweisimmen, from the Arena-Megaplex to every arthouse chain and all the cinemas run by cinephiles in Lugano, Delémont, Pontresina .... All  movies with trailers, summaries, ratings and short reviews in German, French and English, sorted and filtered according to your preferences, which you can save as your individual profile. And what's more: your personal watchlist of films you would like to see, whether in the cinema, in the open air or in bed.


A selection of the best new films until recently in the theatres, continuously supplemented by rereleases, classics, documentaries, short films, kid's pix, all of them in HD, in the original version with freely selectable subtitles or in German or French dubbed versions. Also: Stream99, the flat-rate subscription that bundles 99 of the most popular long films.


Reviews, video essays, live interviews, portraits of all streaming films - the bonus material of our distribution partners combined with thousands of gems from the worldwide web of cinephiles

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